Tailoring Books

8:45 AM

This is my go to book.  The first one I pull from the shelf.  The biggest plus for this book is the beautiful color photographs instead of illustrations.

Even though this book has illustrations, it's a great book for resolving fit issues.  Everything in this series is a must have.

Here are other tailoring companion books that I use also:

On Amazon, this is only available in Kindle Edition.  I picked up my copy used from 2nd & Charles.  If you have a good used bookstore in your area, definitely check out the craft area.

This book has some good tips.  But again, I'm extremely visual and I enjoy photos over illustrations anyday.  But it's still a good addition to my library.

This is an oldy published in 1987.  But it was a welcomed find at a used bookstore.

This one is from 1994, but has great techniques such as amazing ways to do patch pockets.

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