Selecting Your Pattern and Fabric for your Coat!

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Simplicity 1759 made in Classic Camel Hair - Erica Bunker | The Amazing Coat Sew-Along
Simplicity 1759 made in Classic Camel Hair

When I start to think about what pattern I want to use to make a coat, I first think of the need it will fill in my wardrobe.  Will this coat be a necessity?  Will this coat be a classic coat that I plan on wearing for many years to come?  Or will this be a trendy coat in a fun color or print?  Also, other variables I must take into consideration?  When will I wear it?  And does it really meet the standards of my lifestyle and climate?

McCall's 5766 - A Printed Coat

Take for example, if I had to take public transporation, my first coat probably wouldn't be a white cashmere full-length coat.  Or if I lived in Florida, I'd probably focus on a lighterweight coat.  I like for my coats to make sense.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" - My coat inspiration on Pinterest

I like to start thinking about my coat by looking at inspiration pictures on blogs, magazines and I collect them all on my Pinterest board dedicated to outerwear.
Vogue 8696 - The Trendy Cocoon Blanket Style Coat - Erica Bunker | The Amazing Coat Sew-Along
Vogue 8696 - The Trendy Cocoon Blanket Style Coat

I also love to do research on the higher-end retailing sites like  You can get an up close look at the fabric and it tells you the content of the garment.  I also like to browse in stores.  I try on... exam the coat inside and out and take pictures of the details.  And notice how the fabrics feel against your skin.
Vogue 8548 - A Bold Colored Coat

When I choose fabric for a coat, I always pick the highest quality coating that fits within my budget.  That doesn't mean the most expensive... sales and coupons are always smart.  High-quality fabrics are easier to handle and make tailoring a coat pleasurable.  

We'll discuss fabric types, linings and supplies next...

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  1. Hi Erica,
    I plan on interlining and lining the coat I make for my Mom. I'd like to use a "winter lining", ie a satin backed with some sort of pile. I'm not sure if it's made any more. Do you have any suggestions for sourcing this type of lining?

    1. Hi Diane,
      Try getting a swatch of "kasha" lining - it may be what you are after. It's available from Vogue Fabrics and a few other places.