Five Classic Coats You Should Have!

11:15 AM

As we approach cooler temps and start making our coats, there are essential coats that you should have in your wardrobe.  Whether your goal is to create a polished coat that speaks to your professionalism or a modern and trendy version that would be better suited for casual days, here is a style guide!

The Camel Coat
A chic camel coat is about as classic as you can go.  A well-tailored camel coat will always look expensive and pairs well with everything.  It dresses up and down.  I pair mine with dressy clothing and even faded denim boyfriend jeans.  

The Black Coat
A black coat is an essential timeless wardrobe piece.  I have a black pea coat, and I'm currently planning a long black dress coat because it's a "must have" for my wardrobe.  A beautiful black coat will never go out of style.  But beware:  a black coat is a lint magnet!  Carry a lint roller in your purse!

A Red Coat
On those cold, dreary winter days, a red coat will give you life!  As far as statement coats go, red is definitely a winner!  My red coat is a deep red blanket-style draped coat.  I plan to eventually add a tailored red coat to my collection.

A Winter White Coat
I know some will scoff at the idea and think how impractical.  But contrary to belief, a winter white coat is a great coat to own.  Granted this may not be the best choice for an everyday coat, but it definitely can have a place in your wardrobe.  I love my blanket style white coat.  And I love pairing it with contrasting black with pops of red.

The Animal Print Coat
The animal print coat is a bold choice.  It's your "novelty coat".  The best way to wear an animal print coat is to allow the coat to be the star and keep your outfit -- simple!
Happy Coatmaking!

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  1. Focusing on color was not what I was expecting with your article title, but it really is a good way to go about building a collection. Looking at all these coat styles really has helped to solidify my outerwear style. Thankfully I have two good coats as a starting point to work from.

    1. As you said, I love collecting coats because I enjoy making them. And I love pairing a coat to match an outfit.

    2. I'll add that I'm not an animal print person, so I would use navy as its replacement in the five color repertoire.

    3. Animal Print is not for everyone! LOL You have to be "That Girl"! But also, plaids, checks, houndstooths and various other prints make a great novelty coat.

  2. I have never given the animal print coat a second look. You got me with the pink lining tho. Okay, I'm sold.

  3. Hey now! I love them all, but you know you had me with animal print (and pink lining )...winning!!! One down (soon to be), four to go

  4. Love all, this gives you room for a lot of thought of color and style options.

  5. Hi Erica,

    I love the animal coat that you made. I want to make one but I never know what type of fabric to use. Can you tell me what type of fabric you used for your. Great post btw.

    1. I used a short hair faux fur. Thanks!